Cooking a recipe that calls for a pound of sweet potatoes? Read below to figure out just how many you’ll need to make the perfect dish!

Russet and jewel sweet potatoes on a white board.

We’ve all been there…

Reading through a recipe for either Sweet Potato Casserole, Sweet Potato Fries or a Sweet Potato Pie only to see that we need a POUND of potatoes.

But exactly how many vegetables do I actually need?

Much like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes can vary in size, shape, and weight.

Despite this variety, there are a few general rules that apply when estimating how many sweet potatoes make up a pound. (Which is also equivalent to 16 ounces.)

Number of Sweet Potatoes in a Pound

To get a pound of raw sweet potatoes you’ll need: 2 large sweet potatoes, 3 medium sweet potatoes, or 4 small sweet potatoes.

If your recipe calls for 2 lbs. of sweet potatoes, simply multiply the above amounts by 2, if it call for 3 pounds, multiply by 3, and so on.

It takes 2 large sweet potatoes, 3 medium-sized, and 4 small potatoes to make up a pound.
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How many pounds is a typical sweet potato?

If you want to do the above math in reverse you’ll find the following to be true:

  • One large sweet potato weighs roughly ½-lb.
  • One medium sweet potato weighs about ⅓-lb.
  • One small sweet potato weighs close to ¼-lb.

So on average a typical sweet potato will weigh anywhere from ¼ to ½ of a pound.

Mashed, Sliced, or Cubed Sweet Potatoes

Now that we’ve discussed how many whole potatoes you’ll need, what about the other forms it can come in?

To make up a pound you’ll need: 2 cups of mashed sweet potatoes or 3-4 cups of sliced, diced, or cubed sweet potatoes.

Cubed and diced sweet potatoes are drained in a colander after boiling.

Use a Food Scale

The above are all great estimates, but at the end of the day they are merely a guess.

In order to get the most precise measurement you’ll want to use some type of food or kitchen scale.

Many grocery stores have them available in the produce section, or you can purchase one for a very affordable price online. (Here’s a link to a variety of food scales to choose from.)

A bowl full of mashed sweet potatoes.

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