Football fans, looking for some Healthy Super Bowl Recipes? Here are over 40 finger foods from chicken wings and chili and cornbread to quick air fryer recipes that should last well after the halftime show. Add any of these good-for-you dishes to your party spread, and your guests will be coming back for seconds and thirds, guaranteed!

How to Plan the Menu for Super Bowl Sunday

The best part about any Super Bowl party is the food. It’s a big game, a large group, and everyone wants to feast! When planning your menu, follow these tips:

1. Simple ingredients. You can hands-down put a fun twist on any dish, so think back to the basics and ask yourself these questions: What foods have been people pleasing in the past?

2. L​ight, but hearty. Who ever said game day snacks couldn’t be nourishing? Putting a healthier spin on each dish will have your guests coming back for more and feeling good. Plus, the recipes below are so delicious, no one will be able to tell they’re healthy!

3. When in doubt, dip it out. Whether it’s a layer dip, queso dip, or even buffalo sauce, guests can choose their own adventure when you offer a different dips.

4. Plenty of veggies. With any sort of spread, have small platters of celery or carrots to allow your guests to “palate cleanse” between all the snacks. Sneaking veggies into any flavor-packed dip is an easy way to ensure a hearty meal.

5. Variety. From finger foods to dips, and wings to BBQ, a range of options gives your guests the chance to try something new or nostalgic!

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

A chip is loaded with hot spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer.
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Classic Super Bowl Dips

​We all know everyone starts with the dips. From a creamy to a fresh herbs salsa, try some of these for your menu this year.

  • Black Bean and Corn Salsa Dip. This simple black bean dip recipe is loaded with corn, salsa, crispy bacon, and green onion goodness and tastes amazing served with tortilla chips!
  • Smoked Salmon Dip. Prep this snack ahead of time to make your party a breeze.
  • Buffalo Wing Sauce. Hot sauce, melted butter, garlic, and an optional sweetener are quickly mixed together to create the perfect spicy flavor.
  • Easy Homemade Guacamole Recipe. It’s the absolute BEST healthy dip and a super popular game day snack.
  • Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip (Oven-Baked). This recipe is easy to adjust for a slow cooker and the ideal Super Bowl party food.
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe. Simple ingredients of juicy tomatoes, crisp onion, spicy jalapeños, cilantro, and seasonings are blended in a food processor to create the best homemade salsa.
  • Individual Healthy 7-Layer Dips. Super cute and personal, these individual healthy 7-layer dips are my guests’ favorite snack at parties!
  • Fresh Mango Salsa Recipe. Grab a big bag of chips to enjoy this dip as an appetizer or use it as a topping for fish, tacos, and all your grilled favorites!
Oven-baked lemon pepper wings are served as a low-carb appetizer in a bowl.

Chicken Wings Recipes

Grocery store fresh out of drumettes and wingettes? Here’s how to cut chicken wings yourself.

Easy jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon are served on a white plate.

Snack Bites and Finger Foods

  • Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Meatballs. These bite-sized snacks are a healthy and low-carb finger food perfect for game days AND Super Bowls.
  • Grape Jelly Meatballs. Your game day or holiday party guests will keep coming back for more of this delicious ketchup and grape jelly bite-sized appetizer!
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. This vegan and easy-to-make recipe coats cauliflower florets in batter before baking them in the oven, tossing in spicy buffalo sauce, and then finishing to crispy perfection.
  • Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks. Mix together shredded chicken with a buffalo wing sauce for a quick, easy, low-carb, and keto finger food recipe.
  • Keto Sausage Balls with Cream Cheese. A special ingredient replaces the traditional Bisquick and gets mixed together with shredded cheese, Ranch seasoning, and then baked in the oven until perfectly golden brown.
  • Crispy Baked Parmesan Garlic Fries. These are baked in the oven, instead of fried, for a healthier French fry recipe! 
  • Oven-Baked Avocado Fries. These fries are gluten-free and dairy-free and are a delicious side or appetizer for gameday.
  • Easy Pigs in a Blanket. To make this easy breakfast or party food, slice crescent rolls into strips, then roll them around Lit’l Smokies and bake in the oven.
  • Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper. These low-carb and keto-friendly appetizers are a huge hit at game day gatherings!
  • Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese. Pitted dates are filled with goat cheese and fresh herbs, surrounded by a strip of bacon, and then baked to crispy perfection.​
  • Crispy Baked Potato Wedges Recipe. Russet potatoes are cut into wedges, soaked in water to make them extra crisp, roasted in the oven and then topped with Parmesan cheese just before serving.
  • Homemade Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe. They’re so good that you’ll want to skip the store-bought chips and make these healthy, vegan, and gluten-free chips at home instead!
Fried blooming onion is topped with fresh parsley and plated for an appetizer.

Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes

  • Air Fryer Pizza Rolls. It couldn’t be simpler than opening a bag, tossing pizza rolls in an air fryer, and setting a timer.
  • Crispy Air Fryer Onion Rings. These are super crispy and crunchy, easy-to-make, and so much healthier for you than deep-fried!
  • Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries. Placing the cut potatoes into a single layer in the air fryer basket and knowing the correct cooking time will give you soft middles and crunchy outsides.
  • Air Fryer Fried Pickles Recipe. This game-day-friendly dish pairs deliciously with homemade ranch and is sure to please even the pickiest guests.
  • Air Fryer Blooming Onion Recipe. Recreate Outback’s classic Blooming Onion at home with this healthier air fryer recipe!
  • Air Fryer Baked Potato Recipe. This recipe takes half the time of baking in the oven, which makes this recipe an easy appetizer for game day.
  • Air Fryer Apple Chips. Sprinkle with cinnamon for an easy and flavorful game day treat.
  • Air Fryer Boneless Chicken Thighs. Whether it’s game day or just a busy weeknight, this is the best way to prepare a flavorful main dish.
  • Air Fryer Hamburgers Recipe. Deceptively easy and ready in less than 10 minutes with simple ingredients like ground beef, barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, pickle juice, breadcrumbs, and burger seasoning.
Nachos are a great dish for a game day party.

Chilis, Burgers, and Full Meals

  • Instant Pot Ground Turkey Chili. You only need a pressure cooker and 45 minutes for a healthier spin on a traditional game day dish!
  • Sheet Pan Loaded Nachos Recipe. Take Super Bowl snacks to a whole new level with this delicious recipe.
  • Baked Chicken Taquitos Recipe. Pre-cooked shredded chicken gets mixed together with diced onion, chunky salsa, refried black beans, and cheddar cheese for a quick and delicious homemade filling.
  • Chick-fil-a Nuggets Recipe. Chicken nuggets are brined in a pickle juice and egg wash, tossed in a seasoned breadcrumb coating, and then lightly pan-fried in peanut oil.
  • Instant Pot Beef Chili Recipe. Simply combine ground beef along with kidney beans, veggies, and seasonings for a quick and cozy meal the whole family will love.
  • Greek Turkey Burgers. These healthy Greek Turkey Burgers get their delicious flavor from a blend of Mediterranean spices.
  • Chicken Satay with Dipping Sauce. An impressive yet surprisingly simple meal to make at home complete with a delicious peanut dipping sauce.
A fall harvest salad with fried goat cheese next to it.

Unique Super Bowl Appetizers

  • Fried Goat Cheese Recipe. Full of fresh herbs and honey, coated in a Panko breadcrumb crust, and then lightly pan-seared to crispy golden perfection.
  • Beef Taco Stuffed Avocados. A gluten free, low-carb friendly appetizer or main dish.
  • Sweet Mini Cornbread Muffins. Even better than Jiffy—all you have to do is combine flour and cornmeal with butter, milk, and eggs and bake into moist, mini muffins!
  • Instant Pot Potato Salad Recipe. No boiling necessary; all you need is a pressure cooker and creamy mayonnaise, mustard, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, and dill relish to pull together this easy dish.
  • Chicken Tinga Tostadas Recipe. Healthy baked tostada shells are layered with refried beans, shredded chicken, Tinga sauce, and toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, and Cotija cheese.
  • Best Baja Fish Tacos. Fish is tossed in a seasoned beer batter then lightly fried until golden and topped off with a crunchy slaw and cool lime crema sauce.
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